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Providing design and development services for individuals and companies developing electronic and electro-mechanical devices.  We assist you in making your idea or concept into a working prototype.


  • Inventor assistance to refine, brainstorm and further develop your idea.
  • Prototype fabrication.  Machine, build, trouble-shoot, repair, testing.
  • All work and services provided on a confidential basis to protect your idea.

Areas of Experience:

  • Microcontrollers: Intel 805x, 80x86, PIC
  • Programming Languages: C, Intel Assembler, Fortran, Basic...
  • Operating Systems: UNIX, MSDOS, LINUX
  • Single Board Computers, Touch Panels, LCD Displays
  • GPS, Wireless Modems, 2-Way Radios
  • Antenna Towers: Lightning Protection/Grounding Systems
  • Telephone Interfaces: Caller ID, Logging Systems
  • Retail POS, Barcode & Credit Card Processing Systems
  • Technical Documentation, Manuals, Drawings, & Sketches

Tool Box:

  • PCB Layout Tools, Cadance/Orcad, SMT & Through Hole
  • Machine Equipment & Tools, Coil Winding, Pick & Place Equip.
  • Software: Compiliers, Assemblers, Simulation, Documentation
  • Test & Measurement Equipment, DC to 20GHz

 Call 1-303-841-0268 or email for details.

Home   Custom Coils   Quick Coil   Omron   R&D   Site Map 

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