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Omron Sysmac S6 Programmable Controller and I/O Modules

We manufacture new parts and stock new and reconditioned repair parts.  Most repairs can be turned around in Same Day/24/48 hours.  If requested, repairs and parts can be made on an emergency basis.

These units were commonly used in industrial automation and process controls.

Even though Omron stopped making these units about several years ago there are still hundreds of them working in day to day operations, showing just how reliable they are.

om-s6g.jpg (38350 bytes) Omron Sysmac S6 Reconditioned CPUs, I/O

Reconditioned, sometimes new, CPUs and I/O Modules are available.  Trade-in is required.  Call for availability.

Shown inom-r1.jpg (51058 bytes)stalled in S6 CPU-15

Omron Sysmac S6 CPU-15 Output Board

This is a brand new replacement relay board, made in USA, in current manufacture.  Relay contacts rated at 10 Amp.  Exceeds Omron's original relay contact specification of 2 Amp thus extending service life at least 5 times.  The CPU may be sent in for upgrade or board may purchased separately.  Part number: OM-R10 for 10amp board.   Replacement relay board uses current, off-the-shelf relays, making field repair possible.  Trade-in is required, call for details.  Board installation should be performed by qualified service personnel only.

Ordering Information.  Call (303)841-0268 to place orders.   Normal working hours are 08:00-17:00 Monday through Friday, MST USA.   Emergency services are normally available 24hrs, 7 days a week.

Omron Sysmac part numbers that we stock and/or repair (partial listing):

 Omron Sysmac S6  3G2S6-CPUxx All Models   (PLC)  Omron Sysmac S6  3G2A3-IA221  AC 200V Input Module
 Omron Sysmac S6  3G2S6-CPUxx-R10 All Models Heavy Duty   (PLC)  Omron Sysmac S6  3G2A3-ID411  AC/DC 48V Input Module
Omron Sysmac S6 3G2A3-PRO16-R1 (Upgraded)  Omron Sysmac S6  3G2A3-OC221  Relay Output Module
Omron Sysmac S6  3G2A3-PRO16  Programming Console  Omron Sysmac S6  3G2A3-OD411  Transistor Output Module
Omron Sysmac S6  3G2A3-PRW03  PROM Writer  Omron Sysmac S6  3G2A3-OA221  Triac Output Module
Omron Sysmac S6  3G2A3-PS221  24VDC Power Supply  Omron Sysmac S6  3G2S6-TM411 Timer Module
 Omron Sysmac S6  3G2A3-MP523  Memory Unit    Omron Sysmac S6  3G2A3-CN121  I/O Connecting Cable
 Omron Sysmac S6  3G2A9-BAT07  Battery Unit   Omron Sysmac S6 3G2A3-OC221-R10 (10 Amp Relays)
 Omron Sysmac S6  3G2A3-PAT02  Replacement Fuse  Omron Sysmac S6 3G2S6-OA221-R10 (Heavy Duty Outputs)
 Omron Sysmac C20-CPUxx All Models  Omron Sysmac C20 All I/O Modules
 Omron Sysmac C200H/HS-CPUxx All Models  Omron Sysmac C200H/HS All I/O Modules
 Omron Sysmac C200H-PRO27-E Programmer  
 Omron Sysmac C200H-PRO27-ED1 w/Bright Display  
 Omron Sysmac C200H-PRO27-ED2 w/Bright Display  
 Omron Sysmac C20K, C28K, C40K, C60K All Models  Omron Sysmac CxxK All I/O Modules
 Omron NT30/NT30C Interactive Touch Displays  

Omron Sysmac S6 Manual Download: (8.5MB)

Omron Sysmac C20K/C28K/C40K/C60K Installation Guide Download:

Omron Sysmac C20K/C28K/C40K/C60K Operation Manual Download:

Thank you for considering ADS!

Call 1-303-841-0268 or email for additional information.

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