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New!  New quick overnight service* on Toroid and Bobbin Coils.    Have two of any one of the following Toroids or Bobbins wound for $50.00 each plus materials and shipping.    
Toroid Cores - Power Conversion
T16-2 T44-2 T60-26D T80-40 T130-52 T200-8/90 Toroidal Core Caps
T16-26 T44-8/90 T68-2 T80-40B T131-8/90 T200-26 TC400
T16-52 T44-18 T68-2A T80-52 T131-26 T200-26B TC520
T20-2 T44-26 T68-8/90 T80-52B T131-52 T200-40  
T20-18 T44-40 T68-8A/90 T80-52D T132-26 T200-52B Composite Cores
T20-26 T44-52 T68-18 T90-18 T132-40 T201-26 ST50-267
T20-40 T44-52D T68-18A T90-26 T141-26 T225-2B ST50-275B
T20-52 T50-2 T68-26 T90-52 T141-40 T225-26 ST83-267
T25-2 T50-8/90 T68-26A T94-2 T141-52 T225-26B ST83-275B
T25-8/90 T50-8B/90 T68-26D T94-8/90 T150-26 T225-40 ST102-267
T25-26 T50-8C/90 T68-38 T94-26 T150-52 T250-26 ST102-275B
T25-52 T50-18 T68-40 T94-52 T157-2 T250-40 ST150-267
T26-18 T50-18B T68-40A T106-2 T157-8/90 T300-2 ST150-275B
T26-26 T50-26 T68-40D T106-8/90 T157-18 T300-2D ST200-267
T26-52 T50-26B T68-45A T106-18 T157-26 T300-26  
T30-2 T50-26C T68-52 T106-26 T157-30 T300-26D  
T30-8/90 T50-26D T6852A T106-26A T157-34 T300-34  
T30-18 T50-38 T68-52D T106-26B T157-35 T300-35  
T30-26 T50-38B T69-45 T106-40 T157-40 T300-40  
T30-52 T50-40 T72-2 T106-40A T157-52 T300-40D  
T37-2 T50-40B T72-8/90 T106-52 T175-26 T300-52  
T37-8/90 T50-52 T72-26 T106-52A T175-52 T400-2  
T37-18 T50-52B T72-52 T106-52B T184-2 T400-2/18  
T37-26 T50-52D T80-2 T124-26 T184-8/90 T400-26  
T37-40 T51-8C/90 T80-8/90 T130-2 T184-18 T400-26D  
T37-52 T51-18C T80-8B/90 T130-8/90 T184-26 T400-40  
T38-18 T51-26C T80-18 T130-18 T184-34 T400-52  
T38-26 T60-2 T80-26 T130-26 T184-35    
T38-52 T60-18 T80-26B T130-26A T184-40    
  T60-26 T80-26D T130-30 T184-52    
  T60-52 T80-38 T130-40 T200-2    
E Cores (E) & Bobbins (PB) - Power Conversion
E49-52 PB49 E162-8 PB162 E220-8 PB220 E450-26 PB450/V0
E75-26 PB75 E162-26 PB162 E220-18 PB220 E450-40 PB450/V0
E75-52 PB75 E162-40 PB162 E220-26 PB220 E450-52 PB450/V0
E80-26 PB80 E162-52 PB162 E220-30 PB220 E450-52H PB450/V0
E80-52 PB80 E168-8 PB168 E220-40 PB220    
E99-26 PB99 E168-8A PB168A E220-52 PB220 EF Cores  
E99-52 PB99 E168-18 PB162 E220-52/G020 E220 EF60-52 EFD15
E100-8 PB100E E168-26 PB162 E225-8 PB225 EF80-52 EFD20
E100-26 PB100E E168-26A PB168A E225-26 PB225    
E100-40 PB100E E168-40 PB162 E225-52 PB225 EM Cores  
E100-52 PB100E E168-40A PB168A E305-2 PB305 EM145-18  
E118-40 PB118 E168-52 PB162 E305-8 PB305 EM145-26  
E118-52 PB118 E168-52/G015 E168 E305-18 PB305 EM220-26  
E137-8 PB137 E168-52A PB168A E305-26 PB305 EM220-40  
E137-18 PB137 E187-26 PB187 E305-26A PB305A EM220-40/G020  
E137-26 PB137 E187-40 PB187 E305-40 PB305
E137-40 PB137 E187-52 PB187 E305-40A PB305A    
E137-52 PB137     E305-52 PB305    
        E305-52A PB305A    

*When materials are in stock.  Otherwise, as quick as possible.

Standard winding services are quoted based on flat hourly fee plus materials.   Custom setup/fixture charges are additional when they apply. 

Call 1-303-841-0268 (USA) or email for details.

Thank you for considering ADS!

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